Huge protest in Cluj-Napoca, Romania - November 8th

10-25-2016 11:29 1989 09:19


Following the events from November 2nd, when the Romanian citizens throughout Europe were blocked from voting in the first round of the Presidential Elections, several significant protests broke out in major European cities. Not only that thousands of Romanians abroad could not vote, but a significant number of students in the campuses across Romania were faced with dubious logistic problems that prevented them from voting. In sign of solidarity with the Romanians abroad and driven by dissent, tens of thousands of Romanians across the entire country went out on the streets simultaneously, in more than 10 major cities, demanding unrestricted access to the voting booths to all Romanians alike and punishment to all those responsible with the precarious organization of the elections. Probably one of the largest protest in Romania has been organized with legal approval in the Transylvanian city of Cluj – Napoca yesterday evening, November 8th from 5:30 PM, a day before the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The organisers were local young initiators coagulated spontaneously on an online socializing platform, similarly as in the other Romanian cities. According to the estimation made by the Police officials there was an impressive number of 9,000 – 11,000 participants in Cluj – Napoca alone, who were asking in the streets for their rights, their dignity, being against those who are responsible for the humiliation of fair Romanian citizens. We, the organizers of this protest, called for a peaceful and civilized manifestation, to claim our democratic rights, requesting the possibility for everyone to vote freely, the resignation of the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs (one of the most important responsible official for the organization of the elections abroad) and expressing our strong position against the current Prime Minister, Victor V. Ponta, one of the two remaining candidates for the Presidential Elections and responsible for controversial political acts that reached so far the attention of the European officials. We consider that the recent events are a serious threat to democracy and we demand a political change that can ensure the continuation and security of the freedom of justice in Romania. We ask for a firm reaction from the European Union so that the promises made by our prime minister regarding the second round of elections (November 16th) will be truly kept. The collaboration with the security forces was exemplary and we were even congratulated by them for organizing probably the most civilized protest in the past years. There were no violent incidents and the entire population responded with surprising eagerness and civic responsibility. One of the crucial aspects of this significant protest was the fact that it was a spontaneous reaction of the population with no political affiliation whatsoever, regardless of any politicians that might have taken part to it. The event ended at 8 PM and some of the remaining participants shifted in the main square of the city where an event to commemorate the anniversary of King Michael of Romania commenced at that same hour. -- The Protest organizers We bring many thanks to the cameramen and to Radu Baimarean for the video processing!