December 22, 1989 Romanian Revolution Uncut

11-12-2016 15:44 1989 04:44:09


Cine doreste sa contribuie la subtitrare: Source: The first Revolution Televised. This movie contains 4 hours and 44 minutes of raw live footage captured from TV on 22 December 1989. Where it started: Find out all about the Revolution and the Coup d`Etat here: Image: The Romanian Public Broadcaster, December 22, 1989 during the Romanian Revolution. This movie has been posted for educational purpose only and it should remain public. No copyright infringement intended. Copyright disclaimer: Romanian Law on Copyright and Neighboring Rights (No. 8 of March 14, 1996) Chapter III Subject Matter of Copyright Art. 9. The following shall not benefit from the legal protection accorded to copyright: (e) news and press information; (f) simple facts and data. Chapter VI Limitations on the Exercise of Copyright Art. 33.-(1) The following uses of a work already disclosed to the public shall be permitted without the author's consent and without payment of remuneration, provided that such uses conform to proper practice, are not at variance with the normal exploitation of the work and are not prejudicial to the author or to the owners of the exploitation rights: (e) the reproduction, circulation or communication to the public for the purpose of information on current topics, of short excerpts from press articles and radio or television documentary broadcasts; (f) the reproduction, circulation or communication to the public of short fragments of lectures, addresses, court pleadings and other such works expressed orally in public, on condition that those uses are intended solely to provide information on current events; (g) the reproduction, circulation or communication of works to the public in the reporting of current events, but only to the extent justified by the informatory purpose; (h) the reproduction, to the exclusion of any means involving direct contact with the work, circulation or communication to the public of the image of an architectural work, work of three-dimensional art, photographic work or work of applied art permanently located in a public place, except where the image of the work is the principal subject of such reproduction, circulation or communication, and if it is used for commercial purposes;