Editorial: …And then ‘Sforicica’ was Defaced

Editorial: …And then ‘Sforicica’ was Defaced

NOV UPDATE: In a uncanny and terrible twist of fate Sforicica also had her extended arm sawed off, for reasons it couldn’t cope anymore with the weight stress children had inflicted.

In a cowardly, un-assumed act ‘Sforicica’, the statue of a female silhouette wrapped in rope was defaced on Saturday night-Sunday morning on October 13, by… IT! ‘Sforicica’ is pointing to the entrance of Strada Sforii, and since the September reopening, everybody minus 1 visitor clearly have taken her to heart. It so seem that the artist couldn’t provide a better solution to Sforicica’s problem but to deface his own work further than others did already. Oh those Romanians!

The popular belief which is usually proven wrong is, there must have been the uneducated youth at work who’s done this. Though the defacing act resembles a lot something kids did or do to many characters in the history books, still, this may apply to the older generations which actually learnt from books and took their frustration on the ‘grandees’ of days past in similar manner.

Considering the viciousness of the act bent on defacing ‘Sforicica’ and the lack of talent, including the use of a permanent marker, this could have been a planned reaction by some locals, ‘devastated’ for losing 2 parking spots. If a parking spot is something to kill for literally these days, why not something to deface a statue for, we say? However, considering this occurred in the ‘historic town’ read ‘the gentrified part of the city’ just as well, IT may have been a tourist on a personal ‘hate trip’ to Brasov.

Restoration of Sforicica’s face which resembles the act of demaquillage, only the results in this case are far from perfect.

An antidote to IT, may be to point the video camera, currently monitoring the street, to ‘Sforicica’ which appears to be the one most vulnerable in terms of antagonising with its presence ‘the drunken cowardly’ or ‘the cowardly drunken’ IT among us.


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