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Strada Sforii is located in the heart of Transylvania, Romania, in the medieval fortress-city of Brasov(ROM) • Brasso(HUN) • Kronstadt(GE).

Strada Sforii — Fadengasse [GE], Rope Street [EN] or String Street (better) — is 83m [272ft 3.7in] long, and merely 1.10m [3ft 7.3in] to 1.35m [4ft 5.1] wide.

Being the narrowest street in (Eastern) Europe [Wikipedia], time and again Strada Sforii has proven to be an uncanny, fun and inspiring place to visit.

StradaSforii.Ro is a source of FREE inspiration and exploration over time of many creative endeavours captured in pictures, videos, words, graffiti and other collected artifacts. The site remains a record of the spontaneous everyday interactions between the street and its visitors and locals alike. The site is a post-revolutionary cultural experiment free of any corporate sponsorship, censorship or interference. It is in our belief that the growing popularity of the street relies heavily on being truly original and independent in spirit.

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Wind: 5km/h N
Clear Skies
Humidity: 60%
Strada Sforii


Strada Sforii