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Strada Sforii

Strada Sforii is located in the heart of Transylvania, Romania, in the medieval fortress-city of Brasov(ROM) • Brasso(HUN) • Kronstadt(GE).

Strada Sforii — Fadengasse [GE], Rope Street [EN] or String Street (better) — is 83m [272ft 3.7in] long, and merely 1.10m [3ft 7.3in] to 1.35m [4ft 5.1] wide.

Being the narrowest street in (Eastern) Europe [Wikipedia], time and again Strada Sforii has proven to be an uncanny, fun and inspiring place to visit.

StradaSforii.Ro is a source of FREE inspiration and exploration over time of many creative endeavours captured in pictures, videos, words, graffiti and other collected artifacts. The site remains a record of the spontaneous everyday interactions between the street and its visitors and locals alike.

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Strada Sforii