Wearing an IE is an experience that transcends time. It is like sharing an ancestral if not primordial language that was, is and will be part of a collective consciousness as Romanians, through time. Wearing an IE is a fertility ritual to be observed and fulfilled with a partner a promise of times to come a promise of life together.

Though the meaning of wearing an IE may have shifted in our time through cultural appropriation that never went beyond ‘liking without understanding’, IE’s symbols have remained ever potent, deeply exoteric and originally holistic in how they can influence and shape subtly one’s life and wellbeing. Wearing an IE is magic it is magnetic experience transcends who we are, to show us who we can become. As Carl Jung put it, we as humans are not of this age only, and an IE is deep proof of that. Find out more about the meaning of the symbols by using your camera to read the QR codes in the pics. Or visit the websites below.

Semne cusute


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