Split between being a young artist and an upcoming lead vocal in a punk band, the 90s were a fecund period for BRUSHVOX – Brasov’s own iconoclast talent. The timely retrospective revisits the hopes, punishment and perversion of the post-revolutionary dreams being shattered and replaced by American capitalism that many experienced as a result of the end of Cold War.

In a country where religion and capitalism were encroaching again the minds of many as ‘the only way forward’, Brushvox painted his new iconography with energy and ‘religious zeal’ only to commit blasphemy and show us what our unconscious is really praying for. The subversion didn’t stop there, but was reflected in choosing to paint ‘on vinyl’ over the recordings of well knowns ‘names’ from the communist period, as if to underline the historic perversion of the past in the ‘new society’. The metaphor of ‘other music’ and ‘other rhythm’ – not what is on the record – is ever-present in all the works.

The artist has re-emerged today as a respected tarotolog, occultist, mixed esoteric artist and has remained an author, musician, painter, photographer, designer.


Please note, the palette in the videos is desaturated to reflect a sombre sense of the past that projected itself into the future and what followed. Music by Mr Pan[k]sament featuring POPP.


Nations Slum & Mr Pan[k]sament

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