Editorial: …And Then Came the Reopening of Strada Sforii

Editorial: …And Then Came the Reopening of Strada Sforii

The heralded reopening of the street received from the town folk, a mixed reception online and on the day (21 September 2018) only a handful were in attendance – mostly from the media.

The end result of the face-lift is easy to spot: the full repainting of the street now with added 3d geometrical effects, which creates overall a bit of a surreal atmosphere; that coupled with a brand new female statue wrapped in rope signposting the street; and a newly planted tree with room at one end to sit and enjoy it all. The tourists seem to take it all in, in unrelenting round the clock enthusiastic fashion. Less obvious are some of the finishing touches, the added video surveillance, the easy scrub ‘graffiti’ area and the improved rain drainage.

Gladly the street won’t have to be missed any longer by tourists or locals.

Here are some abstract offering to entice anyone a bit:


Wind: 3km/h SE
Light Snow
Humidity: 98%
Strada Sforii
Strada Sforii